Hard Water on Your Skin

Magnesium and calcium are found in hard water. Over the years, a lot of homeowners are installing filters in order to get rid of these minerals. If you think that it is just for drinking water, a lot of homeowners are now looking to get rid of the minerals found in water that they use to take a bath or wash their skin.

One, it becomes harder for water to for a solution with the soap that you are using. This reduces the ability of the soap to get rid of the dirt that is stuck in your skin. Soap scum also builds up on your skin when you have hard water. And this can lead towards acne and eczema once you have clogged pores due to the soap scum build up. This means that it can get oil stuck in your pores. It is also possible that your skin will become irritated due to the fact that you have build-up of soap on your skin. And lastly, if you think that you are looking older, it might actually be the water that you are using. Hard water has been proven to cause premature aging for the skin.

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